Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire is Contagious

I have to say that whatever is burning up Poison Ivy is totally inspiring me to blog, blog, double blog (or triple blog in this case). Side note: Do not burn Poison Ivy it is dangerous to your health and those around you. Literally, and metaphorically for Dirtbag and Bucky. Anyways. I found this awesome post, while reading Jamie Varon's post on "10 Ways to Boldly Market Yourself." by the way, this is also the same article I have found the other sites for my previous posts.

The post is by Marie Kinney-Oates. It is essentially about listening to your heart. Following your dreams. Not Giving up. As I read the article, a haunting feeling came over me. I have heard this message before. Not the "follow your dream" part. No, the other message in her post----the Law of Attraction. She didn't advocate this in anyway, mind you. It's just a message I personally picked up.

Let me quote from her article a bit to make my point: all taken from Marie Kinney-Oates
"Funny thing is that people who hide from their heart usually attract others in a similar situation."
“Maybe he listened because this is the first time you were following your own advice,”

The messages: What you give out is what you get, Law of Attraction, Energy follows Focus
Take these messages how you like. I'm into learning right now, so I will mention many things that may or may not make sense to others.

All this repeat messaging brings me to another message I have come across--the one that really haunts me. In Conversations With God, Book 3, it is stated that God is always trying to tell us something. He has done it many ways, by many people. And the sad thing is, we (people), ignore it. I am always receiving the same messages. Just said in different ways, by different people. And the literature or videos, or magazine articles about health that I receive them from are not trying to send the same message. They are just trying to send a message period, about what they believe in passionately.

I then think of one of my previous posts about your inner self trying to tell you something. Wake up and listen, folks.

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  1. You really crack me up. But I don't comprehend your messages or your deep philosophical thoughts. It is just like, oh, idk, math to me - incomprehensible. I would have probably said "love" before, but gone are those days.
    Can I just get someone to check my messages for me and summarize?