Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Purpose

For those of you who read this, you know I'm really into self-learning. From Abraham to Zen-ness, I want to learn it. I want to find a purpose for my existence--hell, everyone's existence. And while searching, I often wonder, "How will I know when I find It? How will it feel to have found It?" And then I come across The Confidence Guy Online from reading Jamie Varon's site. He had a great article on one's Life Purpose.

Basically, he says not to focus on the purpose, just do what's important to you, what you like. And if you are trying to discover it, do it for the right reasons--he then links you to a site about changing yourself, making yourself better. Which is odd, because that is why I am reading Anthony Robbins hard core lately. So, I'm on the right track, I guess...But I still wanted to know about this feeling of knowing that I finally hit jackpot. Maybe this guy on line has the answer to the big question. And he does. I'll quote it for you:
"...don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it has to be a big, grand, life changing “thing” that puts your whole life into context. It can be small and quiet and graceful too."
--The Confidence Guy Online

I know, this may not be some big secret or amazing revelation, but it hit home for me. I'm on the right track. And thats all that matters.

P.S. Please visit his site to enjoy the whole article.

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