Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Day at PSC

The visit to Piedmont Surgical Center was a great experience--Thank you Robert and staff! Everyone there was extremely nice. They were all so patient with the obvious interruption of a visitor to the back of house. I have to say, I feel safe now knowing how sanitary everything is kept. I was only allowed to view from a certain distance, but still got to see enough to know how close Surgical Techs are to the operation. RIGHT THERE! Hands on! A surg. tech assists the surgeon. And not just, "Scalpel." Both techs I had the luxury to see were using these mini-fork looking things (I can't remember the name) to hold back the skin and flesh. All while the surgeon cut the patient. It was exciting. Yes, and gross. But, you don't think, "Yum," when you handle raw chicken the first time either. Or any time, actually. It was a great expereince. And it did not scare me away. So, after checking out some RN Programs, I'll decide on what my next move is. A lady at PSC advised me on RN programs at GTCC or Winston State since I already have a BIO background. We'll see. I'm excited, none the less. A lesson learned, a step forward.

1 comment:

  1. I am excited for you! But, jeez, lady, could you limit the grossness level of your future blogs? I have a weak stomach.
    Figures that you would go from dreamy philosophy and self-realization to "mini-fork looking things" and raw meat. Give me a break.
    Oh, and I do believe that if you plan to go to school for this stuff you may eventually have to know what those things are called. Not to scare you or anything.
    I do, however, also know how intelligent you are even though you sometimes lose faith in yourself due to an overabundance of typographical errors. So seriously, don't be scared and go for it! I am proud of you.
    Just remember: look at the keyboard.