Saturday, March 14, 2009

Self Learning Insight for Today

I came across the site of John P. Strelecky. He is the suthor of The Why Cafe. Its seems he helps people find their Purpose For Existing (PFE) and their Big 5. The Big 5 is the "five most important things you want to do, see, or experience in your lifetime? The five things that would help you fulfill the very reason why you were born?" You have to be a member of his site to experience the teachings, but I found a few tidbits of interesting info. One is to list your 3 favorite movies of all time. This will give you a deep insight into your Big 5 and PFE. And two is to list what you want in life in 3 1/2 minutes. My three favorite movies of all time--I based this on the fact that I could watch it over and over again and still enjoy it---- Harry Potter (any), Three to Tango, and Nacho Libre. Runner-Ups were Snatch, Detroit Rock City, and The Goonies. But the fact that I put the others first must have significance. I wonder how this works, but I'd have to be a member. And that's not free. :(. What deep insights could I gain from Harry Potter, Three to Tango, and Nacho Libre? I'll be tinkering with that for a while.

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