Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some Vocab For Ya

I have some new vocab that I learned at work: Night Stalker and Shrimping. From what I understand ,shrimping is when a person with a foot fetish goes to the beach to check out feet. Sounds "fishy" to me. Ha Ha! And the way the guys described night stalker, it sounds like a girl that you see after 2 AM and you been drinking and you can't find anyone else. In other words a girl that hasn't been picked up/taken home at the end of the night. She's out stalking for that drunk who'll take her home. She is not all that. So I looked these terms up on my fave hilarious site, to see what I could find!

Apparently, shrimping does have something to do with feet---sucking/licking toes, but some freaks have taken it to a
new level. A mighty sick level!
Night Stalker did not have that definition at all. As a matter of fact, I tried to put in the meaning I learned (and found rather funny). We'll see if it goes through approval at UD. My definition doesn't limit it to females.

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