Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Talking with Mrs. Olson

Today I seen Mrs. Olson at work again---for those of you who don't know, I work in a diner as a waitress. She gave me the heads up on having a good attitude. This is because she says I am always smiling and happy. She says that it is a good thing to be happy and cheerful with others because you can really make someone's day. Somebody might come in to eat and feel down--close to a nervous break down, or feel like they are alone in the world, or have to go home and they don't want to--and by being nice to them, or funny, or cheerful, I could make their lives a little easier. Maybe they can face their problem better, who knows. The point is, you can do a lot, make a difference, with a good attitude. You can make someone's day. And that is why she gave me the head's up, because I told her that she had made my day by coming in. A lady once told her that she [Mrs. Olson] had saved her form a nervous break down by being so cheerful. Mrs. Olson said that was her million bucks and she didn't need to write a poetry book. She just wanted to make people happy. What a lady, that Mrs. Olson.

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