Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self Learning Insight for Today

OK, today I was on Facebook. I went to add someone as my friend. I viewed her profile and began hating myself immediately. She is sooooo Mrs. Successful. I envy her soooo much. I know all this is personal, but bear with me--I'm going somewhere with it. And I'm sure you ask, aren't you successful, Lady J? My first response is NO! I could bring you down with my whys and woes, but I have a better point to make.

So, I email my BFF and tell her how much I hate myself (an email with only I hate myself--that actually says a lot). Wait, I lied--I did put that I needed to visit my fave affirmation site. It's just all the "I hate myselves" clouded my mind. And so that is exactly what I did (www.louisehay.com). I read the affiramtion and smirked to myself. How odd, it said "I experience love wherever I go."

And here I was hating myself. Exactly the affirmation I needed. But, I didn't get the everywhere I go part--What, does everyone love me and like me and I'm so happy, yadda yadda... I know, I know, not positive. Then my mom calls. Doesn't that still make you feel like a kid?--My mom's calling me. Anyway. I tell her my situation. She gives me a little pep talk. Again I'm feeling kiddy ;).

In a nut shell, she tells me I can't go comparing apples to oranges. I'm successful in areas that [the Facebook character] is not and likewise she is successful in areas that I am not. So why does she have to be successful in areas that I want to be successful in too? Whine wine wine, more cheese please.

We are successful in our own ways. My mom assured me that I am not a failure. And I have many things to be grateful for. Be appreciative. Mom, you are sooooo right. Which brings me back to the affirmation. I get "the wherever I go" part. Wherever I go. Did you get it too? I experience love wherever I go. My success is my own, where I make it, where I want it to be. And I should be grateful. Not worried about FB Character!

So for those of you who don't get affirmations: they are inspirational quotations that you repeat to yourself. In other words you are telling yourself something so much you actually believe it and then it becomes true for you. No, I don't mean "I'm going to win the lottery. I'm going to win the lottery." Its changing your own belief patterns. We all have set ways of thinking. Only, they aren't set. They are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed. For example, you are always thinking people are against you. My husband feels this way when he is driving---you think I'm kidding. >:( ). Whenever you get those uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, etc, you repeat an appropriate affirmation until you feel well, balanced, centered, whatever you want to call it, again. This works for many situations and emotions. I've been doing some self study lately. And affirmations have been the biggest part, because I had not got the hang of Flowdreaming. I tell you, honestly, I have been feeling so happy.

Today I realized this because I was laughing at myself and finding the sweeter side of life. Like, how I'm a good speller--just not a good typer (typos), he he. Wow, this is my longest blog to date.

Lady J.


  1. I really really like this. It makes so much sense in so many areas of life! I think I ought to try some positive thinking myself.

  2. hey lil one--i like this site-it's neat and it's you. i'm glad my pep talk got you to thinking and came up with your own solution. but we are succesful in our own way and god already has our life planned-good and bad--we just have to go in the right direction but sometimes we get lost along the way. i know what you were thinking cause i went thru it too. i didn't accomplish what i had planned for myself and i lost time and what was most precious to me but things are hopefully back on track. i'm not the nurse i wanted to be and would have made my dad happy but i have a beautiful daughter who is smart,responsible and knows that if she really wants something--she'll find a way to succeeed. i have 2 beautiful granddaughters and a loving husband. i worked a lot places where i get along with people and i can sew some amazing outfits when i put my mind to it. we all are successful in our own way and shouldn't base our happiness on what someone else does cause even if they are succeesful--only they know if they are happy. i love you and i am vey proud of you. xoxoxo mom