Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting take on Law of Attraction

I have been dabbling in the idea of Law of Attraction. I find the concept believable, but hard to practice. I follow Jonathan Fields on Twitter. He has his own blog (Asleep @the Wheel). Recently, he posted an interesting take on the Law of Attraction. His take on it reminds me of Tony Robbins. Hope you find this helpful.

P.S. I do not agree or disagree fully with the LOA--I'm testing the waters. Like I said, I do find it believable, but I'm not sure the results are as miraculous. In that aspect, I agree with JF--its self-motivation at work. But only God knows.....


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  1. Think about what you would the perfect man would be. Now, imagine not having to ask for them to be that way and they just always were. Don't you think that would be perfect?

    The lady on that T-Shirt would be perfect.

    I was being facetious cause I know she doesn't exist, but for now, I'll keep looking.