Friday, May 29, 2009

Other Blogs and Being Jaded

I have been looking over other blogs--and following many of them. I find them chock full of ideas. I just love how now-a-days one can just find so many ideas and thoughts, and people putting themselves out there (for real or for show) at the tip of your fingers. I know, that reference was so cliche. But, I don't care. It's how I feel. And speaking of how I feel and cliche, I have been feeling jaded lately.

I have heard that term so many times and never understood it. I have tried to use it, but it never felt right--until I was actually jaded. Now, I know. Sometimes you don't know something until you are something. Or is that always the case; and we as know-it-all's think a book or dictionary or college degree enables to know without being. "Being jaded means.... and I know this because I read the definition in Websters new Slang Dictionary." The weird thing is I was sitting on my porch feeling all--well jaded--and that is exactly what thought popped into my head when I was trying to understand the way I felt inside. And it was like "I feel so jaded. This is jaded."

And you must wonder, "Why do you feel jaded lately, Lady J." Ooh, that's a tongue twister: jaded lately lady j, jaded lately lady j. OK, back to normal. Because I feel everything is on me. Or against me. Well, not against me, just not for me. And maybe not on me, just there in my way. A "why me" complex. Which is bad. That is victim thinking. And for those of you who know me, I have been in a positive flow. I have been trying to do self-learning and discovering. I want to know the "what else is out there." And victim thinking is not going to get me there. In the middle of my delayed Quarter-life Crisis, this is the one thing I have learned. Life is what you believe it to be. Whether by Law of Attraction, Self Fulfilling Prophecy, Thought Patterns, whatever. Being Jaded is accepting the blah. And I don't want blah. I want "Ahh" Like angels singing, the ultimate life revelation, the I see the light. And for once, can I type something without fucking up the words "the" and "and" throughout the entire thing?

Urban Dictionary Def for Jaded
I think they got it. Again, it's hard to know jaded until you feel it.

Here is a song/lyric video that totally gets what I feel. And conveniently, it uses "jaded".


  1. I liked that one song you sent me. though right now I forget the name of it. And I found a helpful blog, which I messaged you about. I think the world has become trapped in a cycle of victim-thinking. I know I am. I am trying to look on the bright side and appreciate what I have. but do me a favor and never use the word "blah" again. thanks.

  2. Why Can't I use blah? Is there some "valley-girl stereotype" rule?