Friday, May 29, 2009

I like Jerks

I'm so glad to see that a long and tired phase of Hip Hop is passing by. And I was wondering, just the other day, when baggy pants would go out of style. Thank you. I still see sagging though--just no bagging. It looks like the 80's has hit this area too. I'm not complaining. I love the 80's. I loved baggy pants too, but it was getting old. And no, the 80's are not old--its coming back. I really like the Jerk style. It's Emo and Hip Hop. Punk. 80's. Just plain ol' new!

Apparently, according to the infamiss bobb blog, there is some JERK thing going on in California. I have to agree with her: Whatever it is, I like it.

Oh, and check out his cute shaved eyebrows. Reminds me of Middle School. And so does that name New Boyz--like New Kids.... I feel like a teeny bopper again. I can't wait to hear this up in the club!

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