Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey, Where have I been?

I have been NOT around. I have had so much going on. Work, kids, hubby out of town, yadda,, yadda. Plus I got pregnant and miscarried. A lot of stuff, folks. Now, I have been thinking about school again and writing a book. You know, I don't know what I want to do, but survive. No, I want to do more than survive. My life is so...idk...just life. I want to know the meaning of it all. Is that ever possible? It would suck to never know--or yet worse, to know at the end. I bought a Phish CD for the first time ever. I dig them. Why didn't I look into them sooner? I heard of them when I was younger, but never interested. Boy, did I miss something. And I just watched a clip on youtube from David Letterman about the group. The CD I bought was their last CD because they had just announced (in 2004) that they were no longer performing together as a group. Talk about being late for something (a fad). The CD I bought has an intro titled Scents and Subtle Sounds. There is also a track titled the same. I love the intro version. Its so on-point to what I am about right now. Which, by the way is confusing to me. So its just a tip to the iceberg, but it explains a lot. I found the intro version on youtube. And for your enjoyment it goes into the actual song. Enjoy.

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  1. writing... a... book?
    interesting. you would think I'd be aware of things like this.
    so, any plans for *cough, cough* September?