Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Why Cafe

I read this awesome little book titled "The Why Cafe." It was a very interesting read. An eye opener--or mind opener. In short it's about a guy who ends up in this strange, omniscient cafe. The menu asks 3 questions: Why are you here?; Are you afraid of death?; Are you happy? The menu changes to where it sounds like he is asking himself the questions--Why am I here?, etc. The book is about finding your purpose. Ask yourself these questions. I did. I'm not sure if I answered the first one, but I'm trying. Its suggested to try different things to see what you are good at and enjoy. That would be your purpose. Anyways, that is what I am doing. I have always loved to write. I want to write professionally for magazines or do novel writing. SO. I am going to practice here. You will see "articles" on my blog. I beg you to respond and criticize me. I need the encouragement and help.

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