Saturday, June 5, 2010

When you talk to a stranger---or a new friend

I had lunch with, hopefully, a new friend today. We had interesting conversation, to say the least. And she helped me view myself in a different light. Sometimes we go through life viewing our personal problems/issues as mere "stains on our shirts." Something to ignore, get over, ya know? We don't stop to think how they affect our appearance, our self, to others. Then you meet a stranger and you casually talk about your stain. They give you a fresh perspective. Something your usual contacts overlook because they know you so well already. I've just had that experience today. I discussed my bitches about my life. My new friend pointed in new directions for me to go about solving them. Not as in new avenues to travel, but new ways of viewing my current bitches. Which then led to some "ahh-ha's" and "I see's" that helped me understand why I may have been failing to solve my problems.

The point? Talk to someone you don't know very well, thats trustworthy, to get a fresh outlook. Meet new people. Get a therapist. Never give up.

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